Recruiting spotlight: technology

What do technology professionals look for in a job? How do they find a new position? We asked some ResearchGate members who work in technology a few questions.

Jobs that require a high level of technical expertise take a long time to hire for. According to the think tank Brookings Institution, the most difficult sectors to hire for are healthcare and technology.

We surveyed ResearchGate members from the technology sector to find out what’s most important to them in a job and which perks and benefits they value most.

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Here’s a quick summary of how technology professionals view their work, and some tips on how to optimize your hiring for technology jobs.

Doing interesting work is the priority for technology professionals

What is most important to you in a job?

Technology professionals value their work above all else. So if you’re looking to recruit in tech, you should emphasize this over other factors.

This is valued far above all other factors – it’s really the key driver for these professionals – although salary is more of a motivating factor for technology professionals than for those working in healthcare and engineering.

When it comes to benefits, technology professionals value flexibility and a good workspace

More than in a lot of other jobs, technology professionals need a good workspace to reach their maximum potential, and this is reflected in their responses. Perhaps more than so for other sectors, a pleasant work space is important to help workers maintain their focus. Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky recently advised against open workspaces for developers: ‘developers don’t want to overhear conversations. That’s ideal for a trading floor, but developers need to concentrate.’

Even more important than this is work flexibility. Technology professionals value working flexible hours and want to organize their schedules around the times when they feel most productive.

So, when you’re reaching out to a potential hire, you should talk about these two factors. It’s important to show them that you understand what’s important to them, rather than relying on perks such as gym memberships or free snacks.

What perks or benefits do you most value in a job?

Technology professionals are not so open to new opportunities

Are you currently open to new job opportunities?

When we asked members whether they were currently open to new technology job opportunities, only around a third of respondents said they were.

It’s therefore more difficult to persuade them to change jobs – it might take a lot of work to make them consider a new role.

They look for jobs in a variety of places

Technology professionals look for jobs primarily through specialized online job boards.

But their answers on this question were split fairly evenly between a variety of different ways of finding jobs. If you’re looking to hire for technology jobs, you should therefore spread your efforts across multiple platforms and methods – word-of-mouth, ResearchGate, referrals, LinkedIn, and of course specialized job boards.

Where do you look for new job opportunities?

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