Recruiting spotlight: healthcare

What do healthcare professional look for in a job, and how do they find new opportunities? We interviewed some healthcare professionals on ResearchGate to find out.

The most difficult jobs to hire for are in the healthcare and technology sectors, according to the think tank Brookings Institution. And finding candidates with the right level of technical expertise for positions in the these industries can take time.

We wanted to find out how best to reach these kind of candidates, so we surveyed ResearchGate members from the healthcare sector to find out what they value most in a job. Here’s a peek at how healthcare workers view their jobs, along with some tips on how to optimize your hiring process.

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It's all about the work

What is most important to you in a job?

Healthcare professionals overwhelmingly care the most about doing interesting or engaging work: 88% of the professionals we talked to put their work at the top of their list, higher than any other group we talked to. When you’re recruiting for jobs in healthcare, emphasize this aspect of the position – it’s really the key factor for candidates in this sector.

Healthcare professionals appreciate flexibility and a good workplace

More than in other industries, the healthcare professionals we surveyed said they wanted a good work environment.

Even more important to them was to have a flexible schedule. Healthcare professionals want to be able to work flexible hours so that they can work when they’re most productive.

It’s important to stress these two areas when reaching out to candidates and not other perks such as free memberships or snacks.

What perks or benefits do you most value in a job?

They change jobs infrequently

Are you currently open to new job opportunities?

Only 15% of the healthcare professionals we surveyed said they were currently open to new job opportunities.

It can be more difficult to persuade them to change jobs, and it might take some extra effort to get them to consider a new role.

When looking for new work, they don't rely only on job boards

While specialized online job boards was the most popular response in our survey, it was the winner by only a slim margin.

Healthcare professionals also look for new opportunities on other sites, like LinkedIn, as well as through word of mouth and referrals from colleagues. So when you’re recruiting for healthcare jobs, it’s important to consider a variety of channels to make sure you find the right candidates.

Where do you look for new jobs?

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