Recruiting spotlight: engineering

What do engineers look for in a job, and how do they find new opportunities? We interviewed some engineers on ResearchGate to find out.

Job positions that require a high level of technical training and expertise can take a long time to fill. According to the Brookings Institution, a position in engineering is high on the list of the most difficult jobs to hire for, just behind jobs in the health care and technology sectors.

We surveyed ResearchGate members in engineering to find out what’s most important to them, and what they value most when it comes to perks and benefits. Here’s what they think, as well as some tips on how best to hire for engineering positions.

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Engineers love a good challenge

What is most important to you in a job?

Engineers value their work more than anything else, which is probably why they became engineers in the first place. When you are recruiting for engineering positions, it’s important to emphasize the nature of the work above all other considerations.

The atmosphere at the office and the social life at the new company are also worth mentioning, but don’t stray too far from what’s interesting about the work itself.

Engineers like to choose when and where they work

When it comes to benefits, engineers value flexibility and a good work environment first and foremost. Having a nice environment to work in helps them to reach their potential. But more than any other benefit, engineers value flexible work hours because they allow them to organize their schedules around when they are most productive and creative.

So when you’re reaching out to a potential hire, be sure to mention these two areas. It’s important to show them that you understand their needs, rather than relying on less important perks like gym memberships and free snacks.

What perks or benefits do you most value in a job?

Engineers are open to new job opportunities

Are you currently open to new job opportunities?

When we asked members whether they were currently open to new engineering job opportunities, roughly half of respondents said they were.

You should therefore consider reaching out directly to potential candidates—there’s a 50/50 chance that they’ll be interested in your position..

Engineers prefer specialized job platforms when looking for a new job

When engineers are looking for a new job opportunity, they usually check specialized job boards for engineers. Make sure you pay attention to sites like ResearchGate and other platforms focused on engineering jobs when you’re recruiting for a new position.

If you already have some engineers on your team, you should ask them if they can recommend anyone they know personally. This was the second most popular answer from our members.

Where do you look for new jobs?

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If you’re looking to attract and retain technical talent, increasing your presence on ResearchGate should be key to your employer branding strategy.

You can advertise jobs on a dedicated network of scientists and researchers, and establish your company as an important part of the technical and research community.

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