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Posting a job on ResearchGate, a step-by-step guide

If you’ve ever posted job ads for science-related positions online, you know how frustrating the subsequent recruitment process can be. Though you might receive a high volume of applications, the quality of the candidates often falls below your expectations. Thus, when posting science jobs online, it is never a question of quantity but rather quality.

But now, by posting a job on ResearchGate, you can ensure that your scientific and research jobs attract exactly the right candidates.

How is this possible? For the simple reason that ResearchGate is more than an online job board. ResesarchGate aims to give targeted visibility to academic and scientific jobs, and to promote careers in the sciences to highly-qualified candidates.

This page will provide you with a step-by-step guide to posting a science-related job on ResearchGate. Follow these steps and in just under 10 minutes you can reach over 13 million scientists and researchers!

Creating a recruiter account

If you are not a scientist or a researcher, and do not have a ResearchGate user account, you must first create a recruiter account in order to post a job on ResearchGate. A recruiter account grants you specialized access to ResearchGate and allows you to post jobs and receive applications from qualified candidates.

After creating a recruiter account, there are four simple steps to follow:


  1. Describe the position
  2. Review features and pricing
  3. Fill out job description
  4. Preview
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What's the position?

  • Employer Information

The first step to posting a job on ResearchGate is to select your institution.

If you are a member of a public, private or academic institution that has a consistent need for employees with a scientific skill set, then your institution has likely posted a vacancy on ResearchGate before. To check for your institution, simply search through our comprehensive institutional database.

If your institution is present, select the name of your department. If not, you will be asked to enter your basic employer information. You may also upload the logo of your institution.


  • Job Information

The next step is to provide some basic information on the job itself, namely the job title, position type and location.

Job titles can be powerful recruiting tools. An informative and compelling job title will do wonders for the performance of your posting. However, a poorly crafted job title can have the unfortunate effect of scaring candidates away.

Therefore, if you are struggling to find the perfect title to describe your vacant position, just remember this one rule: keep it simple!

Your job title should contain the position and the scientific area of your ideal candidate. That’s it. Following this basic rule will ensure that potential applicants will be given a clear and positive first impression of the position, thereby generating interest in your vacancy.


After providing basic details about the employer and the position, you will be given an overview of the features and price of posting a job on ResearchGate.

Main features of posting a job on ResearchGate include:


  • Automated Profile-based Targeting of Candidates

ResearchGate boasts a user base of over 9 million verified scientists. Members hold specializations across all scientific disciplines and can only join the platform after their scientific credentials have been approved by a member of the ResearchGate team. However, not every member of ResearchGate will be a viable candidate for your position. Therefore, ResearchGate only targets those users who match your specific qualifications.

This level of accuracy is achieved through the use of keywords, whereby the information included in your job description is matched to the specializations and interests listed on individual member profiles. This advanced level of targeting ensures that your job posting will only be viewed by highly qualified candidates.

Interested to learn more about the recruitment power of a ResearchGate member profile? Check out How to use a ResearchGate Profile as a Recruiting Tool.


  • Featured in Personalized Recommendations

Once a member has been identified as a potential candidate for your vacancy, he or she will be engaged with your announcement throughout the course of their user experience on ResearchGate. This engagement includes: weekly direct emails, on screen recommendations, job digests and user-network notifications. In each of these features your vacancy announcement will be prominently featured.


  • Engage Active and Passive Candidates

Another feature of posting a job on ResearchGate is the ability to engage both active and passive candidates. Active candidates refer to individuals that are looking for new employment opportunities, whereas passive candidates are those individuals who are interested, but are not actively looking. Notably, 58% of people who applied for a job through ResearchGate in 2014 weren’t actively looking for a new role.

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of ResearchGate members have a postgraduate degree


Save time, money and resources by targeting the most relevant candidates with ResearchGate.

Job description

The next step in the job posting process is to provide your job description.  This section is your best opportunity to highlight the strengths and qualities of your position to qualified members of the ResearchGate community. That being said, remember that time is in scarce supply these days – so keep your job description as clear and concise as possible!

The job description is divided into five separate fields: “Research Area;” “Experience Level;” “Job Description;” “Required Skills & Expertise;” and, “About the Employer.”


  • Research Area

The next step in the job posting process is to state which area of research your ideal candidate comes from. Here you may browse through ResearchGate’s comprehensive scientific database and select a researcher profile that roughly matches your job posting. Can’t see what you need? Don’t worry! After your job has been posted our Targeting Team will monitor its performance and ensure that it is only being viewed by suitable candidates.


  • Experience Level

In this field you must select the desired experience level of your candidate. This step will further ensure that your job posting will only attract qualified candidates. For example, if you are looking for a researcher to start his or her first postdoc, the recommended level of experience is 3-6 years. No matter if you are looking for a PhD student, an experienced postdoc, or a seasoned research professional, ResearchGate can help you find the right candidate.


  • Job Description

In this field you should provide an overview of the role and responsibilities of the position. Accuracy in this section is critical, as the information contained within it conveys the complexity and scope of the position to prospective candidates.


  • Required Skills and & Expertise

In this field you should list the details on the qualifications, skills, experience, and the career level of your ideal candidate. This  information should be presented in either succinct bullet point, or short paragraph form to make it as easy to read as possible.


  • About the Employer

In this final field you should give a basic overview of your company. What are the essential details of your company? What is its key focus? Who are its employees? Why should a candidate be attracted to your company? These are the selling points that should be articulated in this field.

Another approach one might take when crafting this section would be to appeal to the ideals of potential candidates by emphasizing the mission of your institution. If your institution is striving to make the world a better place through its research efforts, then you should highlight this point!


After submitting the job description, you will be given the opportunity to preview your posting.

If you are satisfied with how your posting looks, you can submit your job posting. This does not mean however that your job will immediately go live in its current form. In fact, there is still one key step to go: optimization of the posting by The Targeting Team, our in-house scientific recruitment experts.

Drawing upon their expertise as former academics and researchers, ResearchGate’s Targeting Team will tailor the content of your posting to ensure that only the most highly qualified candidates are reached.

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