5 reasons why employer branding is a #1 priority

We all understand the significance of a brand story. It’s the narrative that humanises a company, helps to develop brand loyalty and differentiates from the competition.


And yet far too often we see a disconnect between a company’s branding and their recruiting team. They see the importance of employer branding, but they push the responsibility onto another team, or forget about it all together.


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It’s easy to see how this can happen; there’s a perception that it doesn’t produce immediate and tangible results in the same way that direct outreach does. It’s therefore easy to get caught up in the daily tasks that you think will move you towards your goal faster.


But as scientific staffing is expected to rise in 2018, branding is the key to attracting talent. And as company culture is the most important driver of employee satisfaction, starting this dialogue earlier will be the deciding factor between you and your competitor.


If that isn’t enough to motivate you, here are five ways in which employer branding will have an immediate effect on your success as a recruiter: