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ResearchGate is a professional network of 11+ million scientists, researchers, and experts from every discipline.


ResearchGate Scientific Recruiting enables you to source the perfect candidates for your position from our unique community of experts.

“ResearchGate helped us speed up our search for qualified candidates significantly!“
“We recently advertised PhD and postdoc positions on ResearchGate and had an overwhelming response.“
“ResearchGate enables us to easily post vacancies and provides us with excellent customer service.“
“ResearchGate has become a highly reliable source for candidates serving our clients in the life sciences.“

The network for science and research

ResearchGate is where the world’s scientists and researchers come to solve research problems, connect with their peers, and share what they’re working on. We’ve verified every single one of our 11+ million members to make sure that they’re scientists or research professionals.

And with so many scientists and researchers on ResearchGate, we can connect the right people with the jobs we know they’ll be interested in.


Jobs in context

Your job is featured prominently alongside content accessed every day by ResearchGate members


Targeted matching

We promote your job to qualified experts based on education, skill level, and profile


Quality delivered

You receive only high-quality applications from the most suitable candidates

How it works

1. You post your job on ResearchGate

Your job will be featured on a network of over 11 million verified scientists and researchers. They use the platform to share their research, collaborate with others, and read over 100 million research publications

Post your job on ResearchGate

2. We advertise it to the candidates who fit your criteria 

We advertise it to those who fit your criteria

Your job will be advertised to relevant members of the network, targeted by discipline, experience, and geography. These members will receive information about your job in the form of recommendations, direct emails, digests, and network notifications.

You’ll reach the most relevant candidates while enhancing your brand reputation on the world’s premier network of scientists and researchers.

3. You compare candidates, and hire the best fit.

You’ll receive a list of applicants along with quantifiable metrics – including publication history, citations, impact factor, and RG score – to help you make the right decision about the best fit for your role.


This reduces the time spent comparing candidates and makes filling your role with the right candidate as easy as possible, optimizing your scientific recruiting process.

You compare candidates, and hire the best fit.

“Both the quantity and quality of candidates exceeded our expectations. We would definitely advertise with ResearchGate again and would wholeheartedly recommend them to those looking to recruit top scientific talent in short amount of time.”

Dr. Sergei Manié, Cancer Research Center of Lyon

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