ResearchGate Business Solutions FAQ

Do you have questions about how to post a job or how to advertise with ResearchGate? You can find answers to some frequent queries below.


How do I post a job on ResearchGate?

If you are a researcher, you can create a user account and post a job with your user account. Sign up for your account here.


If you are an employer who is not a researcher, you can create a recruiter account and post a job. Sign up for your account here.


Once you sign in, click on the “Jobs” tab on the main navigation section and click on the “Post a job” button.


For more detailed information on how to post a job, visit our help article.

How much does it cost?

A single job posted on ResearchGate that runs for 30 days costs EUR €399 or USD $499. For a step-by-step guide to posting your job, click here.

We offer a range of further options for multiple jobs and longer time periods. For information on these options, contact a sales representative for a customized offer.

How long does a job posting run?

A standard job posting runs for 30 days.

What else is included with each job ad?

  • Attention from our Scientific Targeting Team. We make sure that your job gets shown only to the best suited candidates based on the required profile stated in the job description.
  • Your logo on every promo and job detail page.
  • A link to your institution page on ResearchGate. This way you get to brand your institution based on scientific output.
  • Each job post is included in at least 2 email blasts per month. Because the jobs are shown only to the ideal candidates based on your job description, only those researchers who are most suited will see your posting.
  • Analytics data on how many relevant researchers have seen your job and either clicked on your post or applied for the job.
  • Candidate management tool to easily see the member profiles of the researchers who have applied for the job.

How do job slots work?

Job slots allow you to post multiple jobs on ResearchGate without the 30-day time limit and hassle of paying each time you have an open position. Simply choose how many jobs you’d like to display at a time.


Think of these as a permanent placeholder for job postings from your institution. Then create and post a job. Once you fill one position, just deactivate the post and activate your next job.

How do I purchase job slots?

Job slots are purchased on a subscription basis. Please get in touch with a sales representative for more information.

How much does it cost to purchase job slots?

Job slots are offered on a yearly or monthly subscription basis. If you are a first time subscriber and opt for a monthly subscription, there is a minimum of 3 months required.


How can I advertise with ResearchGate?

Just get in touch with our team. They’ll work with you to find the best possible options to help you achieve your goal. They can also give you a demonstration of exactly how ResearchGate’s advertising program works and what it can do for you.

What advertising options does ResearchGate offer?

ResearchGate is the scientific platform where brands gain actionable insight into scientific content, expertise, and interest. It helps brands identify and engage the scientific community through data-driven marketing solutions.

ResearchGate offers solutions for companies looking to spread awareness, engage prospects, and sell to customers. Advertising options to achieve these goals include:

  • displaying ads to our logged-out traffic on ResearchGate publication, Q&A, and journal pages
  • sending content emails to members and posting content to company institution pages
  • and selective advertising inside the platform.

Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you reach your advertising goals.

What does ResearchGate’s advertising package include?

When you advertise with ResearchGate, you’ll receive not just the guaranteed delivery of your campaign, but data-driven advice and optimization at every step of the process.

Your dedicated campaign manager will advise you about the scope and strategy your campaign should take. Working with the targeting team, they will match your criteria to relevant ResearchGate content or members to make sure you reach precisely the right audience.

After your campaign is launched, it will be frequently optimized to ensure maximum impact. Your campaign manager will also provide you with a performance report at the end of each month.

And when your campaign is finished, they’ll provide an end-of-campaign report to give you insights on your audience.

What is the duration of an advertising campaign on ResearchGate?

Advertising campaigns on ResearchGate can last for a variety of durations, depending on your advertising goals. Find out more by contacting our advertising team.

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