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Reach the world's scientists

ResearchGate is a leading platform where the world’s scientists share their research and expertise, collaborate on projects, and engage with the best scientific content.

ResearchGate Scientific Advertising enables you to engage with an audience of 14 million+ scientists and researchers while they actively browse and discover scientific content on the platform.

Choose from a variety of advertising products to make sure you reach the right people, at the right time.

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14+ million members

100+ million publication pages

60+ million monthly visits*

*Source: SimiliarWeb

Who can you reach?

If you’re looking to reach a large audience of scientists and researchers from any discipline, ResearchGate Scientific Advertising can help your company or institution.

Find researchers from any area, no matter how niche
You’ll find researchers from engineering, computer science, medicine, and mathematics – in addition to scientists and researchers from virtually every other field of specialization.

A unique scientific audience
89% of our audience has a post-graduate qualification, including 64 Nobel Prize winners.

Science’s best minds
80% of papers published in the past five years have at least one author on ResearchGate. With us you’ll reach the best in science.

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Why you should start paying more attention to end users [infographic]
"The ResearchGate targeting process means that display ads are shown to relevant people. This increases the likelihood of prospects becoming engaged."
Emily Kirkwold, Marketing Specialist
"We use ResearchGate Branding Solutions to position Thermo Fisher as an innovative, progressive global player in the world of laboratory products."
Brenda Lovitt, Advertising Strategy and Planning

Our products

ResearchGate has a variety of advertising products designed to help you reach the right audience, in the right context.

Banner ads

Reach the specific audience that matters to you as they discover relevant academic content. We’ll match your company’s product or service to relevant publications on ResearchGate pages so you reach the right audience at the right time.

Institution posts

Do you have content that an audience of 14+ million scientists and researchers will be interested in? Want to introduce your audience to a new product, share a relevant white paper, or even a demonstration video? Share it with them in a post on your Institution page – it’s how you introduce your company to a relevant audience and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Sponsored email

Reach the most relevant audience with emails that drive engagement to your ResearchGate Institution page content. With sponsored emails, your message is delivered directly to your target audience.

Onsite lead collection

We add a lead collection form to your institution post, allowing you to request details of those interested in your content and enabling you to effectively collect qualified leads with accurate information. ResearchGate members can autofill the form with their ResearchGate profile details, making completion simpler and easier.

Responsive Ads

Highly targeted and matched to the right ResearchGate audiences. Responsive ads can take different formats depending on the page they are displayed on.

The world’s most prominent science and research companies use ResearchGate to reach their audience, including:

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