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With 15+ million scientists and researchers as members, ResearchGate is the leading destination for the world’s scientific community.

ResearchGate Business Solutions enables professionals to actively engage with members of the global scientific community. From targeted scientific recruiting to on-page contextual advertising, ResearchGate offers a range of specialized services to meet your specific needs.

15+ million researchers

are members of ResearchGate

100+ million

scientific publications

63 members

are Nobel Prize winners


Enhance your brand awareness among an exclusive scientific audience with a range of high-impact ad-units

We use ResearchGate advertising to position Thermo Fisher as an innovative, progressive global player in the world of laboratory products.


With 15+ million members, ResearchGate has the talent pool and expertise to help you build a world-class research team.

Our experience with ResearchGate was very positive. We received dozens of applications, and successfully hired for our role.